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Emergency care: Vets Now

Who are Vets Now?

Vets Now are the leading provider of out of hours veterinary care in the UK. Vets Now works alongside your daytime practices to ensure pet owners have access to a vet whenever they need one regardless of the time. Their clinics are open when your daytime practice is closed.

  • The Wheelhouse Vets provide our own out of hours care, by our own vets at our Chesham surgery on weekday nights. Vets Now provide our out of hours care on weekend nights.
  • Please always call your usual surgery telephone number and if we are closed you will be put through to the Vet On Duty.

Why have you chosen to use Vets Now?

There are lots of reasons but the main objective is to provide better care to you and your pet both during normal daytime hours and after hours. By investing in the Vets Now service, your vet can begin each working day fully rested, fresh and ready to face the day’s challenges. Similarly during the night or at weekends your pet will be seen by staff who only work out hours and are therefore fresh and ready to offer the best care. And you can rest assured that you can phone for a vet anytime without worrying about disturbing anybody.

Who works in the Vets Now clinics?

Fully qualified vets, nurses and receptionists are based in the clinic for the full duration of their shift.

All staff receive regular training with a particular emphasis on emergency and critical care of small animals.

When are the clinics open?

Whenever your normal practice is closed and on bank holidays.

How do I get in touch with Vets Now if I need to use the service?

You can call the daytime practice and listen to an answering machine message giving the number of your local Vets Now clinic. Call the clinic with details of the problem and qualified staff will give you advice on what do. Alternatively, keep the number of your local Vets Now clinic handy and you can call them direct.

All telephone calls are logged and recorded for reference purposes.

Can I just phone for advice and how much will that cost?

Your Vet has subscribed on your behalf to the Vets Now Out of Hours service. Our trained staff can offer advice over the phone and although an appointment is always offered it is not always necessary. In fact only around 20% of our calls result in an appointment. Telephone advice is provided free of charge as part of the complete service.

If my pet needs to be treated, how do I pay?

Vets Now is an independent company so you will be asked to pay at the time of treatment. Vets Now accept all major debit and credit cards or cash payments. Details of Vets Now fees are available from the practice.

Are Vets Now fees covered by my pet insurance?

Vets Now fees should be covered in the same way as any other veterinary fees by your insurance company. If you are in any doubt, check the detail of your policy with your provider.

Wheelhouse Healthcare Plan clients

If you need to use the services of a Vets Now clinic, your Healthcare Plan membership continues to cover you. When using the service, you should pay the Vets Now account and bring or post their invoice to the Wheelhouse. The Healthcare Plan will reimburse you, less the emergency fee and the £95 initial fee, the same as it has done to this point.

What happens if my pet is too unwell to come home when the clinic closes?

The interests of the animal always come first and our clinics work together with your practice to ensure that integrated care is given based on the needs of the pet.

Wheelhouse surgeries

All consultations are by appointment only - Surgery opening hours can be found via the links below.


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