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Dental Nurse Clinics

These free clinics are a perfect opportunity for a nurse to check your pet's teeth. Dental disease affects 80% of the dog and cat population that over 2 years old; so it's not just restricted to older pets.

A nurse will examine your pet and grade their dental health in terms of tartar build up (accumulation of bacteria and food debris that is one of the main causes of dental disease - the same as in humans) and gingivitis (inflammation of the gums).

Dental disease not only causes pain and bad breath, but can also affect other body systems due to the bacteria getting into the blood stream.

Once the nurse has examined your pet, they can then advise you on what the best action to be taken would be for your individual pet.

Sometimes your pet may require dental surgery like having teeth removed, or having their teeth cleaned and de-scaled with a polish afterwards. Unlike humans when we go to see the dentist of hygienist animals require a general anaesthetic to carry out any kind dental surgery.

  • Routine dental checks.
  • Advice on preventative dental care (brushing and specialist diets).
  • Ultrasonic removal of the dental calculus that builds up on your pet's teeth.
  • Polishing.
  • Dental extractions, where required.
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