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Microchipping is a quick, simple and safe procedure to carry out and is something either our nurses or vets can perform for you in an appointment.

Once your pet has had the microchip implanted, it lasts forever!

The microchip itself is as small as a grain of rice and has a unique 15 digit number which will then be allocated to your pet.

On the day of implantation we will make sure that we have the correct contact details for you to be registered to your pets microchip. These details are then stored in a microchip database using the unique 15 digit code.

When pets are found or believed to be strays, and are taken to animal professionals such as ourselves or a dog warden for example, they will scan the pet to hopefully reveal the unique microchip code. We can then call the microchip database, go through some security checks and gain the contact information stored against that microchip number, enabling us to call the pets owners and reunite them!

Compulsory Microchipping of Dogs

In April 2016 it became a legal requirement for ALL dogs to be microchipped and contact details kept up to date to ensure compliance with the law.

If a dog owner moves house or changes contact numbers and fails to up date the microchip database, the dog is no longer considered to be microchipped under the new law, meaning that enforcement can be taken.

All puppies must be microchipped and recorded onto a microchip database by the age of 8 weeks old.

What about other pets?

We highly recommend microchipping all pets, including cats, rabbits and tortoises.

Cats have a tendency to go wondering wherever they feel and are often considered by people to be a 'stray' if they are seen in their garden, for example. In cases like these when people bring these cats into a vets or contact a rescue charity, we are able to scan them for a chip and get the details in the same way as dogs, enabling us to hopefully reunite them with their owner.

The database which we use for microchipping is PetLog

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