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Repeat prescriptions

Please note that repeat prescriptions require 24 hours notice. Prescriptions requested will be ready for collection after 2pm the following day.

This is to allow the veterinary surgeon time to authorise and dispense the supply.

Patients receiving repeat prescriptions require a re-examination at least every 6 months or more frequently if directed by the veterinary surgeon.

Written prescriptions are available on request.

Clients can submit online repeat prescription requests.

In accordance with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Guidelines we would like to inform you that prescriptions (written or fulfilled) can be supplied to clients provided that their animal has been examined by a veterinary surgeon in the previous six months. Veterinary medicines may be obtained on prescription from other suppliers. We are only able to issue prescriptions for animals under our care and a small charge will be made for this.
The re-examination fee is a ‘Consultation Cat ‘or ‘Consultation Dog’ but this may be amended at the discretion of the examining veterinary surgeon.
Written prescriptions may not be required for inpatients where immediate treatment is necessary.
The price of any prescribed medication is available on request and a list of the prices of the top ten products prescribed is the last three months is to be found in each waiting room.

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