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Routine and preventative healthcare

Routine & Preventative Healthcare for your Pets

At the Wheelhouse we strongly believe in routine and preventative healthcare.

We recommend regular health checks and annual vaccinations for Cats, Dogs and Rabbits.

Our Vets carry out Free health checks for all New Puppies and Kittens as well as any new Pets to the practice*. They will carry out a comprehensive physical examination on your pet and are here to help answer any questions you may have and give you advise on the best suitable preventative healthcare for your pets.

Our Nurses also run a number of different Services in their daily clinics which are available by appointment at our Chesham and Chalfont St Giles Surgeries.

They run Puppy & Kitten clinics, Dental clinics, Weight clinics and are also there to help you with Flea & worm treatments, Post Operative checks and Nail clipping.

  • Fleas & Worms - What preventative treatment to use to protect your pet from creepy crawlies can be a bit of a mind field. So why not book a free nurse clinic to discuss this topic? Here your pet will be health checked and weighed and the most suitable product will be recommended and dispensed for you. Or if you simply struggle to administer these treatments to your pets, then our friendly nurses will be able to do this for you too.
  • Nail Clipping - This can be a difficult task for many owners, as many animals become upset about being restrained or have had a bad previous experience of having their nails clipped. It is sometimes difficult to see the quick; the part  of the nail that contains blood vessels and nerves, and cutting the quick can cause bleeding and pain. Our experienced, qualified nurses can do this for you, and can provide you with training advice to make it easier for you and a more positive experience for your pet in the future.

* Health checks with a Veterinary surgeon will be charged a Consultation fee if the pet presented is unwell.

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