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Terms and Conditions

Our commitment to you

We will provide your animal with the highest standard of treatment and care.

All fees, diets and drug charges are subject to VAT at the current rate and are determined
by the time spent on a case and according to the drugs, consumables and diet used.
Our written fee list is available on request, and our receptionists will gladly print out
a detailed receipt if asked. Accounts may be settled by CASH, CHEQUE  or CREDIT/DEBIT CARD.

Clients are required to settle their account after each consultation, on discharge of a pet or on collection of drugs and food.

If for any reason you are unable to settle your account as specified above, we ask you
to discuss this with a member of staff as soon as possible, preferably before
treatment starts or call to speak with our Client Care Manager, Victoria Corderoy. In some circumstances charity help may be available.

Estimates of treatment costs
We will be pleased to provide a written estimate as to the probable costs of treatment,
but please bear in mind that any estimate given can only be approximate as sometimes
an animal's treatment will not follow a conventional course.

Settlement terms
If for any reason your account has not been settled at the end of consultation, the
discharge of your pet or upon collection of drugs/diets, a statement of account will
then be issued at the end of the month. In the event of non payment within the following
month, further reminders will be sent which will incur administrative costs. Overdue
accounts, after due notice to you, will be referred to our Debt Collection Agency if
satisfactory repayment arrangements have not been made with us.

Pet Insurance
Veterinary medicine is a rapidly advancing science, which can be expensive. We
strongly advise Pet Insurance as unexpected veterinary bills can unfortunately occur
at any time.
Being insured allows you to benefit from the best treatment available without having
to worry about cost being the limiting factor. We often think of insurance covering
treatment for broken bones or accidents, but don’t forget that animals can develop
many long-term conditions such as skin disease, ear problems, heart disease and
arthritis, to name just a few!

You can obtain claim forms from your pets insurance company.

You are required to complete the policy holder sections on the form, prior to the form being handed into the surgery for our claims handler to complete and send off to the insurance company.

Payment should be made in full to The Wheelhouse Veterinary Centre and the insurance company will attend to reimbursing you.

Wheelhouse Healthcare Plan
This is a plan to help with health costs as an alternative to insurance, without the
need to pay for treatment or fill in claim forms for reimbursement. Please ask for
information from our Reception.

Compliments, Comments or Complaints
Should you feel the need to contact us regarding any of the above we will be pleased
to hear from you. Please direct your comments in the first instance to the Client Care Manager- Victoria Corderoy.

Data Protection Act
The Wheelhouse Veterinary Centre complies with the Data Protection Act and will
not release client data to third parties unless so requested by the client. We are
happy to provide you with a copy of your pet’s records on request but a charge
may be made where significant expense is involved (for example if we have to provide
copies of radiographs).

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