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Senior Pet Screening Programme


Wheelhouse Senior Pet Screening Programme

Research over years has shown that the ageing process can affect cats and dogs health once they reach 8 years of age. The effects of this process can often be very subtle, but can be picked up at an early stage, giving you the opportunity to maintain your pet’s quality of life.

When you live with your pet day in day out it’s quite difficult to notice subtle changes in their condition. It is easy to dismiss important changes as ‘just getting old’. We are so passionate about making older age as happy and healthy as possible, we have created our very own small team of dedicated vets and nurses who have an in-depth knowledge of senior care. Their aim is to help you to recognise and understand these signs and help you to manage the transition into, and through the senior phase of your pet’s life.

Symptoms of Getting Older

  • Vision Loss and other Eye Problems. …
  • Increased/Strained Urination. …
  • Bad Breath, Bloody Gums and other Oral Problems. …
  • Lumps, Bumps and other Skin Problems. …
  • Gaining/Losing Weight. …
  • Difficulty Moving about. …
  • Behaviour and Memory Problems.

is so easy to see that animals are affected by age in similar ways to us humans. Pets age much more quickly than we do, remember 1 human year is roughly equivalent to 7 pet years. 

By the time your pet reaches 8 years old this equates to a 56 year old human!

How can we help?

We have devised our very own Senior Pet Screening Programme and we are encouraging all animals aged 8 years and over to join up and receive the following:

  • A wellness overview – a chance for you to tell your vet about any changes of behaviour or physical appearance you have noticed. Use our checklist (above) as a reminder of the changes you should be looking out for. 
  • Hands on physical examination – your vet will palpate or feel your pet’s musculoskeletal system, abdomen, and head and neck areas for abnormalities. A stethoscope will be used to listen to your pet’s heart and lungs. Your pet’s eyes, ears, and mouth will also be checked for age-related problems, such as cataracts, dental problems, and ear canal disorders.
  • Diagnostic tests – such as blood work, urinalysis and blood pressure monitoring.
  • A detailed information and senior support pack.

What do we screen for?

  • Electrolyte Balance
  • Cholesterol
  • Thyroid level
  • Diabetes
  • Dental disease
  • Eye / Ear Disease 
  • Mobility and Arthritis Check


  • Body Scoring, weight check and Diet review
  • Nails/Skin check
  •  Liver Health
  •  Kidney Function
  • Full Blood Count
  • Blood Pressure Check) *only available in prevention plus package)


You have 2 options for the screening programme to choose from 



How do I book my pet’s appointment? 



It’s simple, just contact your usual surgery on 01494782001 and the reception team will deal with everything for you.

Your Questions Answered…

  • Why should I have this wellness screen for my pet? Research shows that (just as in humans) the aging process can have many different effects on the body. Ultimately, we want to give you the opportunity to gain peace of mind that everything is being done to keep your pet fit and healthy for as long as possible. These screening tests allow us to pick up problems far earlier than when symptoms start to show.
  • What age does he/she have to be? All pets from the age of 8 are eligible for the reduced cost screening programme.
  • What is included in the package? As well as the tests highlighted in the table above, you will be given a ‘Senior pack’ which will include food samples and information relating to your pet.
  • How long will I be at the surgery?  You will be in consultation for approximately 30 minutes
  • How and when will I get my pet’s results? A summary of your pet’s results will be emailed or posted to you within 5 working days.
  • What happens if you detect a problem with any of the tests? If any abnormalities are detected at the time of the consultation, then they will be discussed with you at that time. If any abnormalities are detected on the blood screens, then the vet will give you a call to discuss the results.
  • My pet is on the Wheelhouse Healthcare Scheme – do I get a discount like I do with other preventative products? The screening programme has been heavily discounted already so unfortunately, we are unable to provide further discounts.
  • How do I book my pet’s appointment? It’s simple, just contact your usual surgery and the reception team will deal with everything for you.