Senior Pet Screening Programme

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Early detection of your pet's health could improve the quality of their life now and in the future.

Research over years has shown that the ageing process can affect our dogs' and cats' health once they reach 8 years of age. The effects of this process can often be very subtle, but can be picked up at an early stage, giving you the opportunity to maintain your pet's quality of life. 

When you live with your pet day in day out it's quite difficult to notice subtle changes in their condition. It is easy to dismiss important changes as 'just getting old'. Our aim is to help you to recognise and understand these signs and help you to manage the transition into, and through the senior phase of your pet's life. 

Symptoms of Getting Older

Common Signs Seen in Senior Pets:

  • Difficulty moving about
  • Bad breath, bloody gums and other oral problems
  • Gaining/losing weight
  • Lumps, bumps and other skin problems
  • Behaviour issues

It is so easy to see that animals are affected by age in similar ways to us humans. Pets age much more quickly than we do, remember 1 human year is roughly equivalent to 7 pet years. By the time your pet reaches 8 years old this equates to a 56 year old human!

We are offering this Senior Screening Programme to healthy pets as a preventative health package. (If you currently have health concerns about your pet please do get in touch for a Consultation with one of our vets.)

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