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Paddock Hire

Paddock Hire at Chalfont St Giles

At the back of our surgery in Chalfont St Giles we are fortunate enough to have a large paddock. When not in use by our Dog Training School and Agility classes, we can hire this space out to the public who may have dogs that need to be exercised off the lead in a restrained environment with no other dogs being walked at the same time.

  • The paddock is surrounded by a mixture of fencing: wall, wooden panel and chain link. The surround is approximately 5 foot high except for the gate entrance, which is lower.
  • There is a horse chestnut tree inside the paddock: do not allow your dogs to eat the conkers when these are present.
  • We do not guarantee the paddock to be escape proof; wildlife does dig under the fence sometimes.
The paddock


Hire of the paddock for up to one hour is:

  • £7 for one handler and up to three dogs
  • £13 for multiple handlers and up to six dogs

No more than six dogs are permitted in the paddock at any time. However, if you have more dogs please feel to rotate them round during this time. Dogs may not be left in the paddock unattended at any time.

Full Terms & Conditions

How to book

Please email or call the Chalfont St Giles surgery on 01494 871329. Our Reception team is happy to help.