Charities Supported in 2019

Each year The Wheelhouse Veterinary Centre chooses to support several different charities. Some of which we support year after year after year!

During 2019, we supported the following charities and a brief description of how we did this is given as well:

Marjorie Nash Cat Rescue: Donations of food/bedding/toys, funds from annual Dog Show, donation pots and raising awareness

StreetVet: Donations of food/bedding/toys/leads/collars, funds from the Dog Show, donations pots, vets and nurses volunteering

Cancer Research UK: Fundraising, cake sale, sponsored events.

Mission Rabies: The business provided a bursary of £500 for one 1 team member to attend a Mission Rabies project. 50% of the leave time will be given by the practice and fundraisingalso took place.

Macmillan Cancer Research: The annual World's Biggest Coffee Morning!

Remembrance Poppies: Poppies were on sale in each surgery reception for 2 weeks from the end of October to 11th November.

Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day: Team members wore Christmas jumpers to work for the day and donate a minimum of £1.