Emergencies & Out of Hours

What to do in an emergency?

If you have an emergency with your pet during our opening hours we provide emergency service and care at our Chesham and Chalfont St Giles surgeries. Please call us and we will arrange to see your pet as soon as possible. (there will be an additional fee for this at times where there are no available bookable appointments that your pet can be seen in).

For any emergencies whilst we are closed then Vets Now are a phone call away for help and are based in Hemel Hempstead or High Wycombe. You can contact them simply by calling us on the number you would usually call and you will be given the option to be transferred through to one of the Vets Now surgeries in the event of a veterinary emergency. You can also call them directly using the numbers detailed below if you wish to at times where we are closed.

We continue to provide overnight care for any inpatients that are already with us where it is deemed appropriate so that they do not have to be moved between practices. If our vets feel that it is in the pet’s best interests to be transferred overnight to Vets Now for the purpose of intensive monitoring, the vet will discuss this with you in person and go through their recommendation. We do not have vets or nurses on site overnight however, we do have a system in place whereby late night checks are carried out for any inpatients and our clinical team are back on site early the next morning. If your pet is transferred to Vets Now overnight for intensive monitoring, they will typically be transferred back to us the following morning. Transfers are usually carried out between the practices by you as the owner as long as your pet is stable enough.

What is Vets Now ?

Vets Now are a dedicated out of hours emergency service provider there for your pets when your regular vets are closed. Their vets and nurses are specially trained to deal with pet emergencies. 

We work closely with Vetsnow so following your pets visit to them, they email us a detailed clinical report to that we are informed and aware of any treatment or advice that has been given. This report is then added to your pets clinical records on our Wheelhouse computer system.

Naturally due to the nature of the service being provided by Vetsnow and the out of hours aspect, their fees are higher than those charged at your normal vet. Vets Now are a separate company from us and you will be asked to pay them directly at the time of treatment, in the same way you are when you attend your regular vet.

Whilst Vets Now can visit you at home if the vet decided your pet is too unwell to be transported, in almost all cases they will ask you to take your pet to the clinic itself to meet the team there, where they the facilities and equipment on hand to provide your pet with the best possible care – and of course where they are caring for other urgent cases as well.

We appreciate and know that your pets are a very important part of your family and our priority is to always ensure that they access to the very best care at all times, day or night. Whether that be with us or Vets Now.

Vets Now, High Wycombe

54 West Wycombe Road
High Wycombe
HP11 2LP

Phone: 01494 931633


Vets Now, Hemel Hempstead

Midland Road
Hemel Hempstead

Phone: 01442 905457

What to do if you’re on the Wheelhouse Healthcare Plan?

If you need to attend Vets Now out of hours don’t worry. You should pay the Vets Now account and bring or post their invoice to the Wheelhouse. The Healthcare Plan will reimburse you, less the emergency fee and the £110 initial fee.

What to do if you have pet insurance and you attend Vets Now?

Vets Now will process an insurance claim form for any treatment or services which they provide for your pet in the event of emergency treatment being required out of hours at the weekend or on bank holidays.

Please note: Vets Now charge a professional fee for the completion of insurance claim forms.