Rose Waterman


Rose Waterman
Rose Waterman Receptionist

Previously Rose worked in a customer service environment for 8 years including a veterinary practice as a Patient Care Assistant looking after the animals. Rose took 6 months off to travel and then started working at the Wheelhouse.

Growing up, Rose was surrounded by animals; Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, Hamsters, Snakes, Tortoises, Chickens, Giant African Land Snails and many more. At the moment Rose has many of her own animals, which include my little Jack Russel Pepper, 4 Rats, her Pink tongue and Blue tongue skinks and a little fish called Cleo.
Rose has a passion for rodents, and specifically rats. She often organises ‘Rat Parties’ with her friends who also own rats, and make her own hammocks for them.

Outside of work, Rose likes to fundraise for different animal charities, she also does Pet portraits and photography alongside running her own ‘little pets’ boarding from home.

Amersham & Chesham