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Welcome to The Wheelhouse Vets Dog Training School

In June 2013, we started running our very own Wheelhouse Vets Dog Training School, alongside Minds Alike Dog Training and Behaviour. We work closely together to ensure our mutual clients have the best support and advice. 

Minds Alike Dog Training & Animal Behaviour

Minds Alike Dog Training & Animal Behaviour is dedicated to helping pets and their owners understand one another. Training enhances the lives of dogs by ensuring a clear communication system between man and dog, reinforcing appropriate behaviour and self-control and providing much needed mental stimulation.

All their trainers are ABTC registered Animal Training Instructors and follow a code of conduct which aims for best practice, scientific and modern training methods and strives for a friendly and approachable learning environment for both dog and owner. They are also passionate about mentoring up and coming students of training to ensure high standards of practice are met in future generations.

Meet the team:

Laura Ward is a Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist (CCAB), who now specialises in dog aggression. As a fully accredited CCAB, many pet insurance companies will cover behaviour consultations.

Laura has spent ten years working in veterinary practice as a registered veterinary nurse and has always had a passion for how animals think and feel.

Being a strong believer in up to date theoretical knowledge, over the years Laura  has completed accredited qualifications in behaviour and training including a First Class BSc (hons) in Applied Animal Behaviour and an Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management.

Sam Allnutt has been an accredited reward-based dog trainer for fifteen years. She has worked as a tutor on the Association of Pet Dog Trainers Instructors Course as well as running her own dog day-care and training business.

Prior to joining the Minds Alike team Sam worked for Dog Trust, initially as the Training and Behaviour Adviser at their West London Rehoming Centre and then as an Education and Community Officer visiting schools to educate children on dog safety and ownership.

Becci Bowman has a wealth of experience, having owned dogs her whole life, and worked with dogs for her entire adult life.

She has worked as a security dog handler, worked in search and rescue and run a successful dog walking business from 2003 - 2023. She now specialises in Hoopers instruction and competition.


Minds Alike believes that the behaviour and training industry should be regulated just as veterinary nursing and other medical and counselling professions are.

Currently, it is not a legal requirement to subscribe to a professional organisation or follow any sort of code of conduct. Both Sam and Laura are affiliated with organisations who are supporting industry regulation.


  • Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist (CCAB)
  • Full member Association Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) No.01184
  • Animal Behaviour & Training Council (ABTC) Accredited Practitioner
  • Full member and vice chair for The Canine Training and Behaviour Society (TCTBS)
  • Full member Association Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC)
  • Scentwork UK instructor and Judge


  • Full member Association Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) No.01177
  • Animal Behaviour & Training Council (ABTC) Accredited Animal Training Instructor (ATI)
  • ATI member of The Canine Training and Behaviour Society (TCTBS)


  • Puppy instructor (Kennel Club Good Citizen - Puppy & Bronze levels)
  • Agility Club Accredited instructor
  • Hoopers Instructor (UK Hoopers Gold)

Membership of these organisations means our trainers/behaviourists have undertaken extensive theoretical and practical assessment to prove that they possess the skills and knowledge required to apply training techniques based on up to date, researched, methods, whilst being empathic and considerate of the animal and owner’s emotional state.

Our trainers/behaviourists are covered by professional indemnity cover and public liability insurance.

Dog training courses:

We offer a variety of courses on weekdays and weekends.

  • Puppy Pre-School
  • Puppy Foundation (20 weeks and under)
  • Adult Foundation (20 weeks and over)
  • Follow On Courses: Bronze - suitable for if you have already done a puppy or adult foundation course or similar. Progression - suitable if you have already done a bronze course or similar
  • Walk n' Train | Social & Recall Course
  • Introduction to Fun Gundog and Progression courses
  • Scentwork Beginners and Introduction courses
  • Introduction to Hoopers and Progression courses/workshops
  • Introduction to Fun Agility and Progression courses/workshops
  • Workshops: Recall, loose lead walking, children
  • Space Cadets - Ideal for those dogs who already have some training, but struggle in a group environment and need space. This is not a reactive course, so your dog must possess some ability to cope with dogs in proximity. This course is invite only.
  • Reactive class - This is for dogs who need to work around other dogs as part of a rehabilitation program. Training must have started on a 121 basis first.

To check availability and find a coures that suits you please visit

121 training:

Individual, tailored training plans for a variety of training issues.

Common topics we can help with:· 

  • Pre puppy purchase advise: what breed would fit your lifestyle best, how to choose a breeder and what to look for in a puppy
  • First time owners: for those who may be feeling overwhelmed by all the conflicting advice they are receiving via family, friends and online
  • Homecoming: are you prepared for your new puppy/dog. What essentials do you need to purchase and how to cope with the very first night home
  • How to introduce children to your new puppy/dog
  • Pre and post dog adoption advice
  • Puppy behaviours: jumping up, puppy biting, toilet training
  • Basic Obedience & Life Skills: jumping up, recall, lead walking etc..
  • Getting Started With Separation Training
  • Socialisation

To book a 121 session please visit

Or for more information please email: or call Sam on 07909 943333

Dog Behaviour Consultations:

A full behaviour consultation is required if you have multiple issues or complex issues. It is so useful to sit down and organise the problems, assess priorities, gain an in depth understanding of the various issues and set an organised plan as to how to manage and improve your pet's behaviour. This requires time, which is why for complex or multiple issues a full behaviour consultation is the best option.

  • Aggression and reactive behaviour
  • Separation issues
  • Anxiety
  • Fighting within the same household
  • Resource guarding

Reactivity Program

This program is designed for owners of dogs who are reacting to other dogs or people in a undesirable way (and this is the only issue. For multiple issue cases, a behaviour consultation is required). Examples of this include:-

  • Excessive nervousness
  • Growling
  • Barking
  • Lunging
  • Biting
  • Inappropriate Play

‍Veterinary referral required for all behaviour work (we will contact your vet, but we ask that you inform them and give them permission to share information with us). A report is provided post consultation (to you and your vet)

To book a session with Laura please visit

Or for more information please email or call Laura on 07931 566921

Class Information

If you would like to apply to join one of our dog training classes or would like further information, please contact Laura Ward at or 07931 566921. Bookings can also directly be made here. Please be aware that your place is not confirmed until payment has been received. This is to ensure places do not get wasted. You can make payment directly to Laura Ward and this information will be provided to you within your confirmation of booking email, from Laura.

We run a variety of courses on weekdays and weekends. These courses run in 6 week blocks and cost £120'. 

Courses currently running: 

  • Puppy Life SKills (20 weeks and under)
  • Adolescent Life SKills (20 weeks and over)
  • Intermediate Life Skills - Suitable for if you have already done a puppy course
  • Advanced Life SKills - Suitable if you have already done an intermediate course or similar 
  • Space Cadets - Ideal for those dogs who already have some training, but struggle in a group environment and need space. This is not a reactive course, so your dog must possess some ability to cope with dogs in proximity. 
  • Reactive class - This is for dogs who need to work around other dogs as part of a rehabilitation program. Training must have started on a 121 basis first. 
  • Agility - This is yet to be arrange post covid-19 restriction 

To check availability, and find a course that suits you please visit

Puppy Pre-School

Our Puppy Pre-School is held in the Hub at The Wheelhouses’ Chalfont St Giles Surgery and run by The Wheelhouse Dog Training School and Minds Alike Dog Training. It is a two part course suitable for puppies aged from their 1st vaccination until 16 weeks of age.

These controlled socialisation sessions are tailored to each group, this means every puppy has a positive and fun experience and doesn’t feel overwhelmed. We pride ourselves on providing a relaxed and welcoming environment to support you and your puppy during this early stage of your life together.

Your puppy will have the opportunity to explore different surfaces, play with other pups and meet new people. 

We will teach you how to read your puppy’s body language so you can understand how they are trying to communicate with you and with other dogs.

You will have the opportunity to discuss any worries or challenges you are having.

Frequently discussed topics include: 

  • Puppy biting
  • Chewing
  • Toilet training
  • Socialisation
  • Separation training

To book a place please visit our website

Or email or call Sam on 07909 943333

Paddock Hire

At the back of our surgery in Chalfont St Giles, we are fortunate enough to have a large paddock. When not in use by our Dog Training School and Agility classes, we can hire this space out to the public who may have dogs that need to be exercised off the lead in a restrained environment with no other dogs being walked at the same time.

The paddock is surrounded by a mixture of fencing: Wall, wooden panel and chain link. The surround is approximately 5 foot high except for the gate entrance, which is lower. There is a horse chestnut tree inside the paddock - do not allow your dogs to eat the conkers when these are present.

We do not guarantee the paddock to be escape proof; wildlife does dig under the fence sometimes.


Hire of the paddock for up to one hour is:

  • Hire is £9 per hour for one handler and up to three dogs
  • Hire is £17 for multiple handlers and up to six dogs

No more than six dogs are permitted in the paddock at any time. However, if you have more dogs please feel to rotate them round during this time. Dogs may not be left in the paddock unattended at any time.

Wheelhouse Paddock terms 2021

How to book

Please email or call the Chalfont St Giles surgery on 01494 871329. Our Reception team is happy to help.