Anna Rayne

Veterinary Nurse

Anna Rayne
Anna Rayne RVN BSc(hons) MBVNA SQP Clinical Purchasing Manager

Anna grew up locally only leaving when she started veterinary nursing in 2002 at Bristol University.
As a student veterinary nurse a large proportion of her vacation placements were spent at The Wheelhouse. After qualifying in 2005 and subsequently graduating in 2006, she worked in a small animal hospital in Wiltshire before returning home to Bucks as a locum in 2008.

Anna returned to the Wheelhouse in November 2010 as a permanent member of nursing staff. Her main areas of interest are medical nursing and critical care.

Anna initially moved to the Chalfont St Giles surgery when it was opened in 2011, she has since returned to the Chesham surgery to be Deputy Head Nurse, and is now the Clinical Purchasing Manager – sourcing anything from syringes to unusual medication or new clinical equipment. She still goes to the Pheasant to teach dog agility classes on Thursday afternoons.

She became Low Stress Handling Certified (Silver Level) in 2017.

Anna has a border terrier (Isla) and a border collie (Master Spryte) AKA the Kangaroo! Anna does dog agility, Isla is now retired and Spryte will be shortly starting his agility career. She is also an ‘Agility Club approved instructor’. Sadly Mungo her ginger & white rescue cat passed away in September 2017 but his spirit and cheeky personality on in Wheelhouse literature.

Chesham, Amersham, Chalfont St Giles & Beaconsfield